Season 2 - The coming of shadows

Points of Departure

As the new year begins, Sinclair is been removed as commander of Babylon 5,and Michael Garibaldi is still in a coma after being shot in the back. In the meantime, Captain John Sheridan receives new orders that send him to Babylon 5, but not to support the command staff but instead take control of the station. For there is a rogue Minbari cruiser on the prowl –The Trigarti. Captain Sheridan is also told what has happened to Commander Sinclair – He is now the new ambassador to Minbar, at the request of the Minbari.

Delenn is still in the chrysalis, undergoing a mysterious transformation, and it is not clear as to what she is transforming into. This episode reveals the reason as to why the Minbari surrendered at the battle of the line, and the plot with the home guard and their connection to the assassination of the Earth Alliance president begins to thicken with vice president Morgan Clarke being implicated.


After the attack on the Narn Colony in quadrant 37, G’Kar has suspicions that a race maybe on the prowl. To confirm his suspicion, he went to ancient worlds long deserted but found ancient creatures were on the move again. Delenn emerges from the cocoon, and Londo becomes more deeply involved with Mr Morden

Dr Franklin suggests using the Alien healing device in order to help Mr Garibaldi, Sheridan agrees on the proviso they take turns. Once awake Garibaldi, with the help of Talia Winters, is able to recall that he was shot in the back by his aid. A trap is then set for him. Clarke requests that the man is sent back to Earth, however he is never seen again.

Geometry of Shadows

A number of technomages arrive on Babylon 5, on their way out of known space. Londo continues his relationship with the Mr Morden, which has attracted the attentions of the Centari Royal court, especially Lord Refa. In his attempts at trying to get a meeting with the technomages Londo instead angers them, and in the end is forced to apologise.

Ivanova is introduced to the world of diplomacy after being promoted, as she tries to mediate a dispute amongst the Drazi. Ivanoca becomes the leader of the green Drazi by taking the leader’s shash, she uses this power to solve the conflict.

A Distant Star

An earth force explorer class ship, commanded by Captain Maynard, an old friend of Captain Sheridan, pays a visit to Babylon 5. Maynard finds it strange that Sheridan is in charge of a space station, since Maynard believes him to be a ‘Die hard spacer’.

Delenn has problems with her own people who no longer acknowledge her authority over them since her change into a Minbari/Human hybrid. She reluctantly allows them to deal directly with the Minbari government.

Once fully resupplied the Cortez leaves Babylon 5, once in hyperspace an explosion occurs on the ship, causing it to lose the jumpgate lock on signal. Babylon 5 sends out Starfuries in order to relay the lock on signal to the Cortez.

Suddenly an unknown ship appears, killing the squadron leader. The second in command, Lt. Keffer, though his ship is disabled, indicates the correct direct for the Cortez. The mysterious ship reappears and Keffer is able to return to Babylon 5 using the mysterious ship’s trajectory as a reference.

The Long Dark

Babylon 5 receives an old radio signal from an old Earth ship, the Copernicus. On board is a cryogenically frozen woman from over a century before, as well as an unseen ancient enemy.

At the same time, a man in down below, Amis, starts making doom laden predictions. Garibaldi investigates and finds Amis was the sole survivor of an outpost. Amis explains they were attacked by a ghost like alien that fed off his men and that he feels that it has returned .

It turns out that Amis was correct and indeed the Alien was aboard the Copernicus, the creature is cornered after Amis uses himself has bate and the creature destroyed.

It later turns out that the course of the Copernicus had been changed when it passed by the planet Amis had been stationed on, and the new destination was Z’Ha’Dum. The world mentioned by G’Kar.

A Spider in the Web

The head of Future Corps and a friend of Talia Winters, Taro Ishogi, comes aboard Babylon 5 with the intention of negotiating a deal with various corporations on Mars with the intention of instituting a series of reforms which would lead to full independence for the Martian colony. These negotiations have however piqued the interest of the Earth Alliance senate and this would have dire consequences.

After the initial round of negotiation Taro and Talia are attacked by an unknown assailant, who shouts ‘Free Mars’ before killing Taro with an electric shock. Talia scans the man and finds that he appears to have the same images going round in his mind.

It turns out the assailant was a member of the Mars rebellion, and had been killed. However he had been modified with cybernetic implants and kept at the moment of death by telepathic scans.

Sheridan shares with the rest of the staff his interest in convert operations, and recalls a project Lazarus where cybernetic implants are placed into people who are suspended at the moment of death.

Unfortunately the evidence for the programme is destroyed when Horn self destructs rather than be captured.

Soul Mates

Londo’s three wives arrive on the station, what they do not know is that Londo has been given permission to divorce two of them. When they are informed two of his wives, Daggair and Marial, begin to complete for his affections however one, Timov, flatly refuses to compete with the others. .

Talia’s former husband, Matthew Stoner, comes aboard the station claiming to have left Psi Corps (this is despite the fact that ‘nobody leaves Psi Corps’). Claiming he is no longer telepathic he tries to persuade Talia to join him, claiming he can reproduce what happened to him. It turns out that rather than being telepathic he is empathic and has the ability to project his emotions onto others and persuade them to do as he wishes. .

Delenn confides in Ivanova that she is having trouble with her human transformation and asks for advice; Ivanova helps Delenn to wash and style her hair. The Minbari use a caustic solution to remove old skin cells. .

A Race Through Dark Places

There are rumours of an underground railroad funnelling rogue telepaths to freedom through Babylon 5. Bester, the psi cop, following up a lead comes aboard Babylon 5 with the intention of shutting down the railroad.

Enlisting the help of Talia Winters, he stirs up trouble amongst the command staff as it becomes obvious that some high up in the staff is needed to help the rogue telepaths.

Sheridan and Talia follow the trail to down below where they find the leader of the underground is in fact Dr. Franklin. When Bester arrives Talia joins the rogues and together they project a false image into Bester’s mind. This can only be done if the act together, otherwise Bester would be too strong for them individually. Bester leaves the station believing all the rogues to be dead.

The Coming of Shadows

The ailing Centari emperor decides that the time has come for him to visit Babylon 5. The emperor realises that his life will soon come to an end and for once in his life he wants to do something that is his choice. G’Kar is angry about the visit, unaware of the Emperor’s real reason for the visit (to apologise for the crimes of the Centari) and plans to assassinate the Centari Emperor.

On his way to make his speech the emperor collapses.

Londo and Lord Refa soon hear of the Emperors failing condition and realise they need to do something to give themselves an edge in the grab for power which would follow. Knowing the Narn have a listening post in Quadrant 14 Londo tells Refa to send a small fleet there. Londo then instructs Vir to contact Mr. Morden. Londo asks Morden to ask his Shadow allies to attack the listening post in Quadrant 14 before the arrival of the Centari fleet. This the shadows do, killing everyone on the post. Narn fighters arrive and soon spot the arrival of Centari ships, and soon combat begins.

G’Kar soon learns of the attack and sets out to kill Londo; however he is stopped by Sheridan and a security team, who turn G’Kar back. However later in a council meeting the Narn formally declare war on the Centari.

A mysterious stranger delivers a message from Sinclair to Garibaldi; the stranger turns out to be a ranger. Sinclair warns Garibaldi of the coming darkness and that he should ‘watch for shadows, as they move when you are not looking’.


During a particularly quite shift Ivanova is surprised by the sudden arrival of the EAS Swarzkopf escorting a number of transport vessels. The taskforce is being commanded by General Richard Franklin, the father of Dr Stephen Franklin, who orders Captain Sheridan to find billets for his 25,000 marines. This gives the command staff quite a logistical nightmare, and leads to some friction on the station.

General Franklin briefs Captain Sheridan on the fact that Earth Force is to attack the fortress of Akdor in the Sh'lassen triumveiate and end a civil war, in exchange for basing rights for Earth Force. Sheridan’s help is needed since he visited the planet some time earlier. General Franklin always reveals an upgrade to Babylon 5’s weapons systems with the latest technology

During the stay, Dr. Franklin is able to repair his relationship with his father as they come to better understand each other. Finally, the attack takes place and although there are many casualties the Earth force marines are successful in achieving the mission objectives.

All Alone in the Night

Babylon 5 begins to receive reports of a mysterious alien ship launching attacks in the vicinity of the station. In order to investigate Captain Sheridan decides to take a of wing star fury out to investigate. While out on patrol they encounter the alien ship which attacks the three star furies, destroying one, capturing Captain Sheridan, and badly damaging the third star fury.

While captured Sheridan is forced to fight other aliens who are operating under a form of mind control. Finally he fights a Narn, Ta’lon, and he is able to disable Ta’lon’s mind control device and they both resolve to escape.

The damaged star fury is able to limp back to Babylon 5.Although the pilot receives a fatal dose of radiation; he is able to tell the station personnel what happened to Captain Sheridan. At the same time General Haig comes aboard the station to meet with Captain Sheridan, on learning what has happened he orders the Agamemnon to aid in the search.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Delenn is meeting with the other members of the grey council in order to decide her fate after she disobeyed them and went through with the transformation. After some debate the council and an impassioned plea from Delenn decide to remove Delenn from the grey council, but she will be allowed to remain on Babylon 5 but the council now regard her post as a joke.

On route back to Babylon 5 Delenn hears what is happening regarding Captain Sheridan’s disappearance and is able to identify the aliens as the Steib. She also offers to help lead the Agamemnon and the Babylon 5 fighters in a rescue mission.

Just as the Agamemnon and fighters jump out of hyperspace, Sheridan and Ta’lon are able to escape. However the Streib ship dumps the remaining prisoners into space, on seeing this the Agamemnon and the fighters attack and destroy the streib ship.

On returning to the station, General Haig meets with Sheridan and tells him he believes the President Clark was part of a conspiracy, along with psi corps, to remove president Santiago and take over Earth Gov. The General asks for Sheridan’s help in uncovering the conspiracy, Sheridan later asks his command staff if they too would help.

Acts of Sacrifice

Hunter, Prey

There all honor lies

And Now for a Word

In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum


Confessions and Lamentations

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The Long, Twilight Struggle

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The Fall of Night

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