John Sheridan

Born in 2215 John Sheridan is a native of Earth. His father is David Sheridan, a diplomatic envoy, and his mother is Miranda. He also has a sister, Elizabeth.

Just before joining the Earth Force Academy John Sheridan attended the inauguration of the Dali Lama in Tibet, and had a meal with him.

In 2239, Sheridan graduated from the academy and married Elizabeth Lochley, this was a very short lived marriage as both soon realised that they were not really made for each other. Both liked to be in charge a little too much! They divorced amicably after 3 months.

John Sheridan was initially assigned to the Moon – Mars patrol route, under the command of Jack Maynard, here he would earn the nickname ‘Swamp Rat’. The Lieutenant John Sheridan was offer the post of executive office on board the Prometheus; he turned this down as he felt that Captain Jenkowski was somewhat unpredictable in first contact situations. This turned out to be a wise choice, as Jenkowski’s nervousness directly led to the Earth – Minbari war.

During the war Sheridan was assigned to the Lexington under the command of Captain Sterns, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During a patrol of the asteroid belt they were attacked by a Minbari ship, the Black Star, killing captain sterns. Sheridan took command and using nuclear warheads, mined the nearby asteroids.

He then sent out a distress signal luring the Minbari ship into finish them off. He detonated 2 of the nuclear weapons destroying the ship. For this action he was awarded the star of valour. Many on earth consider this to be the only true victory Earth forces had during the war. The Minbari however had a different opinion and would call Sheridan ‘Star Killer’ and it would be many years before they were able to put the attack behind them

Afterwards, Sheridan was chosen to go on mission with Dr. Stephen Franklin. The mission was to meet with Ranger one, Lenonn at an abandoned outpost. They would be accompanied by Ambassador G’Kar. However, the presence of G’Kar raised the suspicions of Londo Mollari, who arranged for the meeting to be attacked. Lenonn was fatally wounded, but before dying he whispered some words to John Sheridan.

The Minbari soon arrived and captured John Sheridan and the others, however after repeating Lenonn’s words to Delenn they were all released.

After the war ended in 2248 John Sheridan was assigned command of the Earth Force base on Io. It was here he first met Susan Ivanova who served under him until 2250.

In early 2249 John Sheridan met and married Anna, a friend of his sister. Anna worked as a xeno - archaeologist and their demanding careers kept the two of them apart for long periods of time.

In 2251 Sheridan was assigned to Mars to assist in the suppression of the food riots, it was here he met Jeffrey Sinclair for the first time. Shortly afterwards he was sent to Orion Command district.

He was then promoted to Captain on March 2nd of that year, and given command of the Agamemnon

In 2256 he began a 3 year patrol with the Agamemnon; as a result he was unable to make a meeting with his wife, Anna, on Centauri Prime. However what he did not know at the time is that Anna could not make the meeting either, as she had accepted a post on the Icarus, and was set to go to the rim to Z’Ha’Dum.

When the Icarus was later destroyed John Sheridan was consumed with grief and guilt for not telling Anna that he loved her on their last call.

The Agamemnon continued on its mission, later making first contact with a species known as the Tikar.

In 2258 John Sheridan was made commander of the Babylon 5 station after the death of president Santiago and the recall of Commander Sinclair. Within days he promoted Susan Ivanova to the rank of commander, and he also aided Dr. Stephen Franklin when he used the Alien Healing device to revive Michael Garibaldi.

For some time Sheridan had been interested in conspiracies and secret organisations. He enlisted the help of Michael Garibaldi in investigating the mysterious Bureau 13 (which was behind an assassination of the head of Future Corps). Sheridan was also involved with a secret investigation run by General Hague, later he would involve Ivanova, Garibaldi and Franklin in this ‘conspiracy of light’.

While taking a starfury out to ensure he still had flight hours, Sheridan was attacked and captured by a species called the Streib. Sheridan was forced to fight for his life. During his imprisonment he became exhausted and fell asleep, in his dream he was contacted by Kosh, who gave a series of cryptic messages. This began an association between the two with Kosh giving lessons to Sheridan, teaching him to understand. Later this would change and Kosh would teach Sheridan ‘how to fight legends’

During this time Sheridan began to grow close to Delenn, this grew to the point where he risked his life to save her from the Vorlon inquisitor, who had been sent to determine Delenn’s worthiness for the coming shadow war.

At the outbreak of war between the Narn and Centari, Sheridan had increasing sympathy for the Narn. He arranged for aid to be given to Narn refugees and also arranged for some to be evacuated from areas under attack. With the fall of the Narn homeworld G’Kar was granted asylum, this greatly antagonised the Centari, especially Londo Mollar.

As Earth gov was negotiating a non-aggression pact with the Centari republic a Narn Heavy Cruiser sought help from Babylon 5, which Sheridan offered. However a Centari cruiser arrived and attacked both the station and heavy cruiser. While defending the station, Sheridan had no choice but to destroy the Centari cruiser.

In retaliation for the destruction of the Centari ship members of the local Centari placed a bomb on the station core shuttle, in order to escape the explosion Sheridan jumped from the shuttle. This forced Kosh into revealing himself as an angelic creature in order to rescue Sheridan.

At the beginning of the next year, the conspiracy of light began to grow into something that not only opposed President Clarke, but into an organisation which would oppose, and ultimately fight, the shadows. At the same time this ‘army of light’ began to grow. Draal pledged the great machine on Epsilon 3 in aid to the cause. At the same time Delenn transferred equal authority over the Rangers to Sheridan. Marcus Cole presented the prototype white star as a gift to Sheridan and Delenn.

They used the ship to break a blockade placed by the Centari around a Drazi colony which was a base to a ranger training camp. A shadow ship unexpectedly appeared and Sheridan used his ingenuity to destroy the ship by detonating the Markab jump gate.

Later that year, in March 2260 Sheridan learned that Earth Gov intended to gain access to shadow cruiser on Ganymede. In order to prevent president Clarke gaining access to this highly advanced technology Sheridan launched a mission to destroy the ship while still on the ground.

However, Sheridan and the white star arrived too late, and the ship launched. However the merging had been handled incorrectly and the ship had gone mad. The shadow vessel pursued the white star. Sheridan decided to lure the shadow vessel into Jupiter’s atmosphere, where the enemy ship was destroyed by the extreme pressure and gravity.

On the way out the white star was challenged by an Earth Force ship, the Agamemnon, Sheridan’s old command. Rather than destroy the cruiser, they managed to escape by jumping from just within Jupiter’s atmosphere.

President Clarke used this attack as a pretext for declaring Martial Law throughout the Earth Alliance. Nightwatch were then ordered to take over the running of Babylon 5, and arrest the command staff. However, with the help of Zack Allan and G’Kar and his other Narn volunteers Sheridan was able to find and arrest most of the members of Nightwatch.

After Clarke’s forces bombed civilians on Mars, Sheridan followed the lead of Orion 7 and Proxima 3 and took Babylon 5 out of the Earth Alliance.

This action prompted Clarke to send Elite forces consisting of Destroyers and cruisers to take control of Babylon 5. By this time 2 other rogue Earth destroyers, The Churchill and the Alexander.

After a long battle, Sheridan is able to repel the first attack, with some damage to the Babylon 5 station. His moment of relief is short lived as a number of Earth force ships, loyal to Clarke, arrive through the jump gate. At the same moment 4 jump points form and Minbari cruisers arrived, commanded by Delenn. This forces the Earth forces ships then retreat, saving Babylon 5 from certain defeat.

Sheridan could now turn his attention to the building shadow war; the Shadows had many alliances within the non-aligned worlds and there were many border wars. Sheridan began to encourage them to work together, getting them to help defend Babylon 5 and hosting peace talks.

In order to get the remaining non aligned worlds to come together and Sheridan needed to prove he had the ability to stand up to the shadows. To do this Sheridan went to Kosh in order to ask for the Vorlons to intervene. At first Kosh was reluctant, stating that this ‘is your time’. Sheridan persisted, causing Kosh to become angry, at which moment Kosh agreed to the request – at a price, he would not be there when Sheridan went to Z’Ha’Dum and that Sheridan would die. Once the Vorlons became involved the shadows took their revenge on Kosh, killing him. At the same time he appeared in a dream as John Sheridan’s father in which he apologised for his actions and told Sheridan not to blame himself for what followed. Unbeknown to John Sheridan, Kosh had placed a part of himself within his mind.

Later in 2260 Sheridan took part in the mission that retrieved Babylon 4 and sent back 1000 years to be a base of operations in the first shadow war. During the mission Sheridan’s time stabilizer was damaged causing him to slip into the year 2278. Here he met a future Delenn who told them their son, David, was safe. Delenn went on to tell Sheridan that he must not go to Z’Ha’Dum.

On returning from the mission Sheridan decided to take the fight to the shadows, he did this by analysing their strategy and setting up an ambush at the next target for a shadow attack. The ambush was successful with the shadows driven back. The cost however was high with the alliance losing 2 ships for each shadow vessel destroyed.

In response the shadows removed Anna Sheridan, John’s wife, from the shadow vessel she was controlling. Their plan was to use Anna against Sheridan.

It was while John Sheridan and Delenn were going through a Minbari ritual where the woman watches the man sleep, that Anna Sheridan arrived. This was a great shock to Delenn. Despite Delenn’s warning he agreed to go to Z’Ha’Dum despite knowing that it was almost certainly a trap.

At Z’Ha’Dum Sheridan met Justin the spokesman for the Shadows, here he learnt that the conflict between the Vorlons and shadows was one of ideology. The Vorlons believe in order where the shadows believed in conflict to further evolution.

When Sheridan decided that he would not aid the shadows, Justin told him they would have to remove his support system and destroy Babylon 5. However, Sheridan had managed to sneak a PPG in with him and used it to fight his way to a balcony above an immense shadow city, around a bottomless pit. As the shadows closed in on him, Sheridan signalled the white star to come crashing through the ceiling and detonate the 2 nuclear warheads on board. At the same time he heard the voice of Kosh urging him to jump into the pit, which he proceeded to do.

Sheridan woke to find himself alive, underground, and accompanied by a mysterious person, Lorien. Lorien claimed he was the older than even the first ones and was, in fact, the first being to attain sentience, and was immortal. Sheridan was then given a choice, he could let go of life or find a reason to live. He found that reason in Delenn. Lorien was able to give Sheridan a portion of his life energy in order to give Sheridan another 20 years of life. They then left Z’Ha’Dum and set course for Babylon 5.

After his revelation at Z’Ha’Dum Sheridan planned a confrontation with both the Vorlons and Shadows, as a way to force the truth into the open. However, for this plan to succeed the new Vorlon ambassador had to be removed. This was achieved with the help of Lyta Alexander, who lead the Vorlon into a trap. Here the Vorlon was killed by the remaining portion of Kosh that had hidden within Sheridan.

Now they were free, Sheridan began a series of attacks that would delay the Vorlons and have them meet the shadows, along with the army of light, at Coriana 6. The army of light was joined by a number of first ones recruited by Ivanova and Lorien. In the midst of battle Sheridan was telepathically contacted by Vorlons, here he forced them to admit that the war was one of ideology, with the Vorlons favouring order and the Shadows chaos. The younger races had become pawns in this war being forced to choose sides. Using Lorien’s powers all the other races became aware of what the Vorlons and shadows were doing and refused to take sides. Lorien then convinced them, and the rest of the first ones, to go with him beyond the rim.

There was barely enough time to pause for breath, before Sheridan had to turn his attention to freeing Earth from the tyranny of President Clark. As part of an ongoing propaganda campaign Clark tried to frame Babylon 5 for the destruction of some Earth Force ships, this failed when the Babylon 5 command staff became aware of the plan and prevented the ambush. This was followed by a carefully edited interview which was used to imply that Sheridan had Minbari War syndrome.

In response Sheridan set up the Voice of the resistance, fronted by Ivanova, and also sent Marcus and Dr. Franklin to make contact with the Mars Resistance in order to coordinate action.

As things progressed Sheridan and Garibaldi became increasingly at odds. Garibaldi’s suspicions had began to surface when Sheridan had returned from Z’Ha’Dum with Lorien. This was partly due to the psi corps reprogramming but also because of Sheridan’s behaviour. After he returned from Z’Ha’Dum Sheridan had shown an almost missionary zeal, uniting the younger races and kicking out the first ones. Also he returned from the dead, and to many this made him a messianic character.

When Sheridan was presented with evidence of a war crime, as 10,000 civilians were massacred by Earth force ships at Proxima 3 he realised that they could no longer stand by in the Earth civil war. Sheridan decided to take military action. After freeing Proxima 3, the military campaign continued, with Sheridan adding defectors to his cause.

Later in the year, Garibaldi used the capture of Sheridan’s father as a means to lure him into a trap. Sheridan was taken to a prison on Mars; here he was interrogated and tortured. Despite terrible treatment he resisted all attempts to break him. He was finally rescued by Garibaldi (after the programming had been released), Dr Franklin and Lyta Alexander. On release, Sheridan was reunited with the fleet; he was told that Ivanova had been seriously wounded in a battle with advanced Earth force destroyers.

The final assault on Earth began with Sheridan at the head of the fleet. President Clark realising defeat was imminent killed himself and turned the defence grid against Earth. The fleet engaged the defences destroying just before they were able to fire, saving countless lives on Earth. Once the battle was concluded, Sheridan turned himself in. After consulting with the acting president, Susan Lutchenko, Sheridan decided to step down from Earth force. By agreeing to step down Sheridan was able to obtain a pardon for his crew.

On foundation of the interstellar alliance John Sheridan was chosen as the first President, initially based on Babylon 5. The Alliance offered to buy Babylon 5 from Earth Alliance, in order to use it as a base for the government of the interstellar alliance. Sheridan appointed his ex-wife, Elizabeth Lochley, as the new commander of Babylon 5. Lochley was to be an important symbol of unity after the damaging Earth civil war as she fought for the other side.

In his first year as president, Sheridan faced two major crises; the first was the telepath incident. Although he was advised against it, Sheridan allowed Byran to set up a colony of rogue telepaths on the Babylon 5 station. However, once the telepaths learnt that they had been genetically manipulated by the Vorlons to make them telepathic they decided to demand a homeworld. When this was refused they began to steal the secrets of the alien ambassadors, and this ended with a show down with Psi Corps, finally Byran killed himself and became a martyr to the cause of telepath freedom.

During the Brakiri day of the dead, Sheridan was given a message via Captain Lochley, from Kosh. Sheridan was told that ‘when the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning’. As the years past this message would become clear.

During the year a number of attacks had occurred against Alliance member shipping lines, this would prove to be the second major crisis of the first year of Sheridan’s presidency. As the member worlds became increasingly impatient, the investigation began to point to the Centari as being the ones behind the attacks. As the evidence was presented to all the member worlds, Sheridan was left with no alternative but to order the white star fleet to engage the Centari Fleet.

While on the Drazi homeworld, at the request of Vir Cotto, Dr Franklin and Lyta Alexander discovered that the Centari ships were being controlled by left over shadow technology. On hearing this Sheridan realised that the Centari were being set up, so that the other races would attack the Centari homeworld.

Despite his best efforts, Sheridan was unable to prevent the other worlds attacking the Centari homeworld, causing the deaths of over 250,000 Centari.

Later that year Sheridan finally received some good news, that his wife, Delenn, was pregnant with their first child. With the completion of the headquarters in Tuzenor, Sheridan and Delenn travelled to Minbar. During the journey Sheridan, together with a ranger, became trapped in a compartment which contained a coolant leak. Lennier, now a ranger, saw Sheridan through a door but rather than open it he ran away. Luckily Sheridan was able to use the ranger’s fighting pike to break open the door.

On arrival, Delenn and Sheridan were met by the new Centari Emperor, Londo Mollari. Mollari presented them with a gift, an urn to be presented to their child on his 16th birthday. David was born later that year.

In 2266 Sheridan was contacted by a technomage, Galen, who told Sheridan that the Drakh were planning to attack and destroy Earth. Galen summoned others to help in Sheridan’s quest to stop the Drakh. Sheridan was able to assemble a fleet to engage the Drakh, who had a shadow planet killer. This fleet also included 2 new destroyers – the Excalibur and Victory. Sheridan took command of the Excalibur. Despite destroying the planet killer, at the cost of the Victory, they were unable to prevent the Drakh from deploying a plague.

Sheridan ordered the White star fleet to search out the Galaxy for a cure, as well as sending the Excalibur out on the same mission under the command of Matthew Gideon.

In 2279 Sheridan stepped down as president and instead became head of the rangers, Anla’shock Na.

In late 2280 Sheridan began to dream of Lorien. This was a sign that his twenty years were nearly finished, and soon his life would end. Rangers were sent out with letters to invite all his old friends for one last time together, to celebrate their memories and share a final moment together.

The next day, Sheridan put on his old Army of light uniform for the final time; he then boarded a white star and set a course to Coriana 6, via Babylon 5. When Sheridan arrived at Coriana 6 he was met by Lorien who promised to take Sheridan with him, beyond the rim of the galaxy.

A few days later Rangers came across Sheridan’s ship, the airlocks were sealed and there was no sign of him.

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