Delenn was born in 2222 on Minbar, of the family Mir, and a member of the religious caste. At the age of 5 Delenn’s mother entered the sisters of Valeria, which she considered to be a great honour amongst Minbari families.

In 2235 Delenn became an acolyte serving the grey council, here she studied under Draal, Rathenn and eventually Dukhat (The leader of the grey council).In 2245 Delenn eventually became the aide to Dukhat, and when the time came, she filled a vacant position within the grey council itself, earning the title satai.

While on the roundabout trip to Z’Ha’Dum the Minbari fleet encountered a small explorer force from Earth. The humans mis-read the Minbari gesture of having their gun ports open and, acting out of fear, they fired on the Minbari fleet .

As a result of this attack, Dukhat died in Delenn’s arms, with the grey council tied as to what they should Delenn held the casting vote. In a fit of anger and grief Delenn called for revenge, calling the humans animals that deserved to be exterminated, showing no mercy.

So it was that Delenn would blame herself for starting the Earth-Minbari war and almost exterminating an entire species.

After years of fighting, the Earth alliance forces were beaten back to earth and so began the battle of the line. Having previously learned that Dukhat had been in contact with the Vorlons, who had informed him that humans were crucial to the coming shadow war, Delenn was anxious to find a way to end the war which didn’t involve the extermination of humanity.

Just before the battle began, Delenn entered Dukhat’s sanctum seeking advice from the Vorlons, the only advice they offered was “The truth points to itself”. This somewhat cryptic clue would be crucial.

During the battle, the grey council observed the Humans trying to harm their ships, Delenn commented on their bravery – “they cannot harm our ships, but still they try”. She then suggested that it would be wise to bring a prisoner on board to interrogate before the final assault..

It was pointed out that they would need to pick someone quickly – as they were fast running out of candidates. It was at this point the Vorlon’s cryptic message made sense, and Delenn chose what would be Jeffery Sinclair’s starfury .

During the interrogation, it becomes apparent that Sinclair is carrying a Minbari soul, much to the shock and horror of the grey council. Delenn, invoking the most sacred law of the Minbari – that no Minbari can kill another Minbari; she pushes for the war to end. The grey council immediately issued a surrender order.

Years later, the Babylon project finally came to fruition, and the Minbari insist on the commander of the station being Jeffery Sinclair..

Delenn is assigned to be ambassador, though secretly she is also assigned to watch Sinclair and ensure he remembers nothing of the interrogation he endured at the hands of the grey council.

During the first year of the stations operation it becomes apparent that the shadows are once again on the move and the prophecies of Valen are coming true. Delenn realises that the next shadow war is approaching, and knowing that humans and Minbari must unite against the common foe, decides to undergo the transformation and become a bridge between the 2 species. As she enters the chrysalis the year draws to a close.

A few weeks into 2259, Delenn emerges from the chrysalis as something not quite Minbari and not quite Human. Although it was an attempt to build a bridge between species many on both sides regarded it as an insult, and the grey council decided that they no longer wish to have Delenn as a member – however they leave her as ambassador.

During the year, Delenn and Sheridan began to get closer, with Sheridan showing concern for Delenn when she entered the Markab quarantine zone.

Delenn was given command of the rangers as they passed through Babylon 5 (this was given to Delenn by Sinclair who had become head of the rangers as well as Earth’s ambassador to Minbar). As Sheridan interrogates Morden, he is encouraged to release him by Delenn and Kosh. As a result Delenn reveals everything about the shadows and the coming conflict. Also, she transfers equal authority over the rangers to Sheridan.

Towards the end of 2259 Kosh requests that an inquisitor to come to Babylon 5 and question Delenn, the questioning is intense and Delenn nears death only to be rescued by Captain Sheridan. This proves to the inquisitor (Mr Sebastian) that they are the right people, in the right place, at the right time

At the end of 2259, Sheridan is ordered to make an apology after destroying a Centari battlecruiser. While on the core shuttle a bomb explodes forcing him to jump. Delenn implores Kosh to rescue Sheridan; Kosh does so and reveals himself to the assembled crowd, with each seeing an angelic being from their own legends.

The next year, 2260, Babylon 5 broke away from the Earth Alliance. President Clarke sent a fleet of ships to retake the station; Delenn went to the grey council to try to get their support. However, the warrior caste refused to help and so Delenn broke the council and brought a fleet to Babylon 5 ensuring its independence.

In late 2260 Delenn received a letter, written by Valen himself almost 1000 years earlier. The letter detailed the mission where she, along with Sheridan, would prevent Babylon 4 from being destroyed and help send the station 1000 years into the past. There it would end in ending the first shadow war.

As 2260 continued Delenn’s relationship with John Sheridan deepened, and after the victory against the shadows in sector 83, Delenn asked the captain to perform a Minbari ritual. In this ritual the couple spend 3 nights together – the man sleeps and the woman watches. This allows her to see his true face.

On the first night, in late 2260, Anna Sheridan arrived on Babylon 5, much to Delenn’s shock. Despite her pleas John still goes to Z’Ha’Dum with Anna.

Blaming herself, Delenn became over whelmed with grief. In early 2261 she embarked on a rescue mission to Z’Ha’Dum with Susan Ivanova and Lyta Alexander. Unfortunately this mission was a failure, with no sign of Sheridan being found.

Despite her immense grief, Delenn began to organise what was left of the league of non aligned worlds, her plan was to attack Z’Ha’Dum. However many believed her plan was based in her sense of loss and refused to go along with the plan. When John Sheridan returned from Z’Ha’Dum Delenn was overjoyed. This joy was tinged with sadness when she learned from Lorien that Sheridan would only have 20 years left to live.

Together with Sheridan, Delenn brought together the largest fleet in history. This fleet would help bring an end to the endless cycle of war and chaos that had dogged the younger races. The battle of Coriana VI would prove to be the beginning of the third age.

As Sheridan debated with the Vorlons and Delenn with the Shadows, the others were shown both debates thanks to Lorien. This allowed all the races to learn the true reason behind the conflict, that they are pawns in an ideological war between order and chaos.

After the departure of the first ones along with Lorien, Delenn returned to Babylon 5. However, she faced mistrust and discrimination from both the Minbari and Humans. As part of President Clarkes propaganda campaign against Babylon 5 Delenn was discredited by an unscrupulous journalist by the use of edited interviews.

After this she was recalled to Minbar, there was disquiet in her clan regarding her relationship with Sheridan. On Minbar Delenn went through the dreaming, a process in which memories are recalled. Initially it showed Delenn’s anger at the death of Dukhat, however on reflection what it actually showed was that Delenn was in fact a descendant of Valen and actually partially human. This human DNA was already part of thousands of Minbari. Her clan, already knowing this, agreed that her relationship to continue as long as Delenn would agree to keep the secret.

In mid 2261 Delenn was deceived into investigating attacks by raiders on the Minbari border. It turns the Drakh are in fact the ones behind these attacks, and when they learn it is Delenn they are meeting they attack. However, they fail to destroy the ships and Delenn immediately orders a counter attack and the Drakh force is destroyed. It also becomes apparent that after the breaking of the grey council the old inter-caste tensions have begun to resurface, and Minbar is on the brink of civil war.

The Minbari civil war began to escalate, and with the aid of Neroon, Delenn planned to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion. The solution was the star fire wheel, a pre-Valen method of deciding leadership. She and Shakiri, the warrior caste leader, stepped into the wheel. The one who ceded leadership would step out first, and after only a few moments of pain Shakiri could stand no more and stepped out of the wheel. However, Delenn stayed in for longer, being willing to sacrifice herself to demonstrate her devotion to her people. Once Neroon realised what she was planning to do he removed her from the wheel, taking her place. He then sacrificed himself, declaring that, though he was born warrior caste, in his heart he was religious.

Delenn later reformed the grey council, but this time 2 from the religious and warrior castes and the balance made up of the forgotten worker caste.

During Sheridan’s campaign to free Earth from President Clarke’s dictatorship, Delenn lead a fleet of Minbari ships in support of the fleet assembled by John Sheridan.

Delenn became the head of the advisory council, with the other members being G’Kar and Londo. John Sheridan was elected as the 1st president of the interstellar alliance.

On the way back to Babylon 5 Delenn and Sheridan got married, in a low key private ceremony on board a white star.

Lennier had become more devoted to Delenn to the point where he fell in love with her. Since their marriage Lennier feeling he could not be around the married couple he resigned his post as Delenn’s assistant and joined the rangers.

In 2262 Delenn remained head of the rangers; however most of the daily running was left to others. However, Delenn still made valuable suggestions for example she suggested using the pak’ma’ra as couriers since they are everywhere and nobody really notices them.

Delenn was shocked to learn that John Sheridan had been married to Captain Elizabeth Lochley, the new commander of Babylon 5.

In early 2262 a series of attacks occurred which targeted alliance shipping, as the attacks continued the members of the interstellar alliance insisted that strong action be taken and the perpetrators found. To accomplish this Delenn sent Lennier on a secret to find the ones behind the attack. She did this behind Sheridan’s back, as she knew he would not want to send a friend on such a potentially dangerous mission.

Lennier returned with proof that the Centari Republic was behind the attacks, this caused outrage among the alliance members and this lead to war.

Shortly after the start of the war, John Sheridan had an idea for a destroyer class white star. This ship would be a joint venture between the Minbari and Earth. In order to present the idea to the grey council Delenn travelled to Minbar, along with Lennier. On route their ship was ambushed by the Centari, causing considerable damage and adrift in hyperspace. As the Centari fleet came back to finish them off Lennier expressed his love for Delenn. However, rather than destroy the white star the Centari ships rescued them. In order to spare Lennier the embarrassment, Delenn pretended she had not heard Lennier’s outburst.

On her returned to Babylon 5 Delenn found that she had fallen pregnant. This surprised not only her, but also John Sheridan and Dr. Franklin.

As the time came to leave Babylon 5 and move to Tuzanor, Delenn and Sheridan left onboard a Minbari cruiser, accompanied by Lennier. On the journey an accident occurred and Lennier, in a moment of madness, used the incident to trap Sheridan and leave him for dead. Realising his mistake Lennier returned only to find Sheridan had freed himself.

Consumed by guilt Lennier stole a fighter and vanished; only contacting Delenn to let her know he would not return until he had redeemed himself in her eyes.

On arrival on Minbar, Delenn and Sheridan found Londo (Now Emperor) waiting for them. Londo presented them with a gift, a Centari Urn, which should be presented to their unborn child on his 16th Birthday.

In December 2262 Delenn gave birth to a son, David.

In 2279 Delenn became the ISA president, as John Sheridan became Ranger one.

2 years later, the prophecy of Lorien came to fruition and John Sheridan knew his time was nearly up. In January 2281, Delenn said her final goodbyes to John Sheridan, the man she had loved. From that day until the day she died Delenn would watch the sunrise, and as she did she would feel the presence of John Sheridan .

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